These pages are dedicated to the characters in the HV universe.

Core Trio:
Finn, Sapphire, Blaze

Main characters:
CloisterTroy, Aaron, Kebos

Side characters:
Fervest, Onsa, Tristen, Nathan, Flash, Talbot, Desdemona

Atmos, Desdemona’s Group

Terrans, Darai, Orkren, Shapeshifters

      More about the races:
The largest continent known as Actim is home to many races. Of the three main races, the Terrans make up the largest percent of the population.

Terrans are quite capable fighters and have been known to master most elemental powers. Their range of powers allows them to easily suppliment and contribute to most of the major processing stations located around the smaller and larger cities.

Darai are a race with tough skin and a natural affinity for fire-related elements. Their abilities to glide and use their tails make them a force to be reckoned with in battle. Their elemental skills make them invaluable in the various processing stations located in the major cities.

The mysterious Orkren often live on the outskirts of other settlements. Their physical prowess and endurance makes them great at scouts and infiltration units. Their society hinges on chiefs and warlords. They maintain trade relationships with the other races to keep the peace.

The interactions between the different races weren’t always peaceful, but luckily everyone has managed to come together and find a solution to benefit all parties. For the most part, the races get along pretty well.